(the story of the grandmother, who decides to life to the full)
Dramatization and Director: Janka Ryšánek Schmiedová
Stage: Irena Marečková
Music: Matěj Koupa

Suitable age group: 6+

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Do you think a typical grandmother wears a flowered apron and spends her time cooking, baking and looking after her grandchildren?
Well this grandmother (who is not lazy at all) decides that instead of all that she will live life to the full and realize her dreams and the aspirations of her youth. (And they are sometimes "extreme"!)
And so our grandmother drives a super fast car, flies a balloon, learns to ski - and something else, during which both she and the audience experience many other unexpected stories.
The performance is intended for 1st year primary school children from November 2014.

Actors and cast

Leona Ondráčková - Paní Milada, líná babička

Kateřina Höferová - Policista 2, Moderátorka, Paní z agentury