Janka Ryšánek Schmiedtová

Children's Theatre: Bu-Bu-Bu-Bubáček!

Director Janka Ryšánek Schmiedtová
Stage design: Katarína Kováčiková
Music: Ivan Acher

Length of performance: 45 minutes

Suitable age group: 0+

Premiere: 23.6.2019

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Shall I sit on the potty or not? When it's so boring.. But wait, something's happening!
The adventurous journey of little Bubáček - from the potty to the edge of the world and back. Another Children's Theater for children from one year old (accompanied by parents or older siblings). Again it takes place in a common play area for members of the audience and the actors on the Small Stage. A spectacle for all the senses of your "little ones". Maximum capacity of 30 people.

Actors and cast

Kateřina Höferová

Teodor Dlugoš

František Herz

Barbora Dobišarová