The Snow Queen

A fairytale story about growing up and finding one's own path, which sometimes goes further than anyone would expect...

Andersen's famous fairy tale tells of rebellion, the quest for perfection and struggle against the given. But also about the power of emotion, sacrifice and compassion. About love beyond any stereotypes.

The flakes of snow that fall from the clouds high above us are beautiful and perfect. But their freezing cold often hurts. Kai is drawn to the Snow Queen in the same way that today's teenagers are drawn to study, travel, new social connections, and frontier experiences. And Gerda, though she wouldn't change her traditional world, would rather give up her own comfort and security to save him from what could hurt him. And not just him..

The timelessness of Andersen's dark fairy tale mixes motifs from the 19th to the 21st century. And so do the puppets and modern technology.

Information about the Performance

Age: 10+
Lenght of Performance: 1 h 30 min

Author: Hans Christian Andersen
Director: Gejza Dezorz
Vendula Borůvková
Set desing and puppets: Von Dubravay
Costumes and masks: Lucia Šedivá
Music: Martin Hasák
Projection: Gejza Dezorz


Gerda: Eliška Borisová
Kaj: Štěpán Przezwiecki
Herda, Inuits: Andrea Hodíková j.h.
Snow demon: David Janík
The Snow Queen, Grandmother, Mother of Inuits, pigeon: Stanislava Havelková
Reindeers, crows, Inuits: Jiří Skovajsa / Pavel Riedl


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