The President of the Jungle

Whoever has the most supporters will become a king!

Believe it or not, there was a dispute between the animals in the jungle. They decided to replace Lion, the king of animals, with someone else, because he does not treat the others nicely at all. He seizes possession of the water that belongs to everyone, only for himself, he does not do what he promises to do, and only cares about himself and his own well-being. After all, it’s completely clear that the animals want to replace him. But how? And who will be his successor?

How else than by holding a fair, all-animal election. Thanks to our wise Owl, you will witness the first ever election between animals, and it will be a total animalistic battle! You will experience the difficulty of coming up with fair rules and witness a fierce election battle not only for the votes of all the animals, but even the audience!

So who will be your favorite? Flexible Snake? Cunning Monkey? Honest but somewhat slow Sloth? Or will you trust the tried and tested Lion instead?

An interactive puppet show full of humor and original songs for children aged three and over.

Information about the Performance

Age: 3+
Length of Performance: 50 minutes
Premiere: 24. 6. 2022

Authors: A. Rodrigues, L. Ribeirová, P. Desguardová, P. Markun

Director: Tereza Říhová
Dramaturgy: Patrik Boušek
Stage Design and Costumes: David Janošek
Music: Matěj Štrunc
Dramatization: Dagmar Říhová, Patrik Boušek
Lyrics: Dagmar Říhová

People and Cast

Lion: Radim Sasínek
Owl: Leona Ondráčková j.h. / Hana Kučová
Snake: Pavel Riedl
Sloth: Václav Vítek
Monkey: Eliška Borisová


Jaroslav Tuček: Mudrování (nejen) nad divadlem (No. 754)

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