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Talkshow: In the Dance Rhythm

Roman Catholic priest Zbigniew Czendlik and Martina Viktorie Kopecká, parish priest of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church

...she claims to be more of an introvert, while he describes himself as an adorable rebel. He was brought up in the faith, she found her way to it in adulthood. They both followed the voice of their hearts and became spiritual. She has met the Pope twice in person, he still yearns for it. She mostly relaxes in the gallery at an exhibition, while he watches sports.
Although she has become a finalist on Stardance and he claims to have no talent for dancing, they share a common worldview in the belief that life should be a dance, that it happens to different rhythms, and that dancing through life is better than just flying through it....

The show includes a book signing by both actors.

Martina Viktorie Kopecká, parish priest of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, since 2021 Goodwill Ambassador, psychotherapist and crisis interventionist. She studied theology at Charles University and then psychology and special education. She is currently working on her dissertation project. It was only through working in a regular big company that she found out what she did not want to do in life and started to find her own path. Studying theology became her great love, so she decided to follow the voice of her heart and become a minister. It wasn't an easy path, but today she knows it couldn't have been any other way. As a parish priest she serves God and people, baptizing, marrying, escorting on the last journey and officiating at services. She has been a member of the Central Executive Committee of the World Council of Churches since 2013. Pope Francis awarded her a medal for her ecumenical work and invited her to attend the Synod of Bishops at the Vatican as the only ordained woman cleric. She continues to educate herself, trying to broaden her horizons and learning to ride a bicycle. She recently completed psychotherapy training in family therapy for psychosomatic disorders. An avid reader of all genres, she writes a blog about life as a parishioner today, Diary of a Parishioner, which has been published in book form. Her next book title, Confessions of a Parish Priestess, was published in the fall of 2023. Her next book title is titled Song of Songs. She is also co-author of the books The Christmas Tradinarian and The Spring Tradinarian. In the last series of Stardance, she danced all the way to the finals, but as she says, "luckily, I didn't win". Most of all, she relaxes in the gallery at the show.

Zbigniew Jan Czendlik (1964), nicknamed Zibi, is a Roman Catholic priest of Polish nationality working in the Czech Republic and since 1992 the Dean of Lanškroun. He is known in the media mainly due to his friendly relations with a number of personalities from the field of culture, show business and sports.
He is also a presenter, e.g. on Czech Radio 2's As He Sees It (2015) and also hosted the series Uchem jehly on Czech Television (2011-2022).
He enjoys sports, used to play football and tennis, now he plays golf and likes to ski in winter. He is actively involved in charity and social projects of various types, in order to support the elderly or children with disabilities. He is a patron of a dog shelter.
In October 2016, Zbigniew Czendlik and Markéta Zahradníková published a book entitled Bed Pub Church, for which they received the Readers' Choice Award in the Magnesia litera 2017 competition. In 2018, a Polish translation of this book "Bóg nie jest automatem do kawy" was published. At the end of 2018, a book appeared on the market with transcripts of interviews with several Czech personalities from the ČT programme Uchem jehly, of which Zbigniew was the presenter. It is called Uchem jehly (Through the Eye of the Needle): Zbigniew Czendlik and his guests. In 2020, its 2nd part. And thirdly, the book The Parish Cookbook, which he co-authored, was be published in autumn 2019. In 2021, he played the role of a parish priest alongside Bolek Polívka in Gump-pes and then in the next installment of Gump-Jsme Dvojka (2024). For Czech Television he filmed a documentary travel series V karavanu po Polsku (2024).

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Age: 12+
Running time90 minutes
Date11. 9. 2024

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Zbigniew Czendlik and Martina Viktorie Kopecká


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