Tales of Peter Rabbit

A performance based on the stories of one of the world’s most famous authors of children’s literature, Beatrix Potter. Peter Rabbit and his adventure belong not only to his homeland, Great Britain, but also to the classics, and the golden fund of fairy tales.

Peter Rabbit loses his beloved blue coat during one of his carrot-picking trips to Mr. McGregor’s garden. Will he get it back? Will his animal friends or even the author Beatrix Potter herself help him? This thrilling storytelling combines music, puppetry, and black theater, all complemented by imaginative animations.

Information about the Performance

Age: 3+
Length of the Performance: 45 minutes
Premiere: 1. 3. 2024

Director: Jacek Poplawski
Dramaturgy and text: Alena Kastnerová
Scenography and puppets: Pavel Hubička
Music: Ari Dvořák
Animation: Sebastian Lukaszuk

People and Cast

Helena Dvořáková / Hana Kučová
Pavel Riedl / Václav Vítek
Stanislava Havelková / Andrea Hodíková j.h.

Technical requirements



Jaroslav Tuček: Mudrování (nejen) nad divadlem (No. 887)

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