Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter

Romeo and Juliet for children

The production of Astrid Lindgren’s text is similar to the theme of Romeo and Juliet for children. However, unlike the Shakespearean drama, the story of two hostile families of robbers and a couple in love has a happy ending.

Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter is a story about a world split into two irreconcilable halves, about families at odds, unable to communicate and understand each other. But it is also the story of Ronja and Birk, who, although they are children from those two hostile families, despite the hostility and arrogance, learn consideration and respect for each other, learn the laws and order of nature and realize that “you have to have someone by your side in order to endure”, as Astrid Lindgren herself wrote. They recognize and understand the immense value of friendship. Ronja and Birk emerge from the whole dramatic situation with the knowledge that a broken world can be put back together. So they become much more grown up and actually more mature than their fathers.

The theme of the production is an opportunity for us to develop a dialogue with the child audience on the topic of “otherness” and tolerance.

One of the most outstanding personalities of the contemporary Polish music scene, the composer Piotr Klimek, was invited to collaborate.

Information about the Performance

Age: 8+
Length of Performance: 2 hours
Premiere: 1. 10. 2021

Author: Astrid Lindgren - Jan Jankovský
Translation: Olga Kühnelová

Script: Jan Jankovský
Director: Konrad Dworakowski
Set Design: Martyna Štěpán Dworakowska
Music: Piotr Klimek
Lyrics: Pavel Trtílek
Dramaturgical Coordination: Eva Janěková

People and Cast

Ronja: Mariana Kučíková j.h.
Birk: Gabriel Kulíšek
Lovisa: Sabina Šlachtová / Ivana Stejskalová
Matis: Václav Vítek
Borka: Vilém Čapek
Undisa: Barbora Marada Nesvadbová j.h.
Plešek: Pavel Riedl
Skalník: Radim Sasínek
Pírek: Jiří Skovajsa
Harpyje, Šediví a Lesní skřítkové, Bludičky: Štěpán Przezwiecki
Borkův loupežník 1: Martin Cenek
Borkův loupežník 2: Petr Skovajsa

Technical requirements



Jaroslav Tuček: Mudrování (nejen) nad divadlem (No. 691)

Občasník Jaroslava Štěpaníka (No. 24)

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