Pipi Longstocking

Thrilling stories and adventures of a quirky girl with fabulous ideas and unique humour!

The thrilling stories of Pipi Longstocking, full of unusual adventures and joy of life, will take us into the world of children’s unlimited imagination and playfulness. Together with Tommy and Annika, Pippi goes to school, a fair, a Pacific island, teaches the children to fry treats and sing a song about scary pirates, deals with the police and hobos, tames a tiger, and finally saves everyone from real pirates.

Information about the Performance

Age: 6+
Length of Performance: 2 hours with an intermission
Premiere: 16. 2. 2018

Author: Astrid Lindgren

Director: Michal Sopuch
Script and Dramaturgy: Pavel Trtílek
Production: Lucie Labajová
Music: David Rotter
Choreography: Hana Litterová
Movement Coordination (Trampolines): Gabriela Janíková

People and Cast

Pipi: Hana Šimková
Anika: Eliška Borisová / Michaela Krobot Rotterová
Tommy: Štěpán Przezwiecki
Blom, Child at School 3, Jim, 1. Lady: Vilém Čapek
Buck, Fridolf, Teacher, 3. Lady: David Janík
Child at School 1, Actress, Mommy: Stanislava Havelková
Child at School 2, Drunkard, Momo, 2. Policeman, 2. Lady:  Gabriel Kulíšek
Child at School 4, Efraim, 1. Policeman:  Václav Vítek
Impresario, Kurekuredut Woman: Sabina Šlachtová
Moan: Jiří Skovajsa



Dates of Performances

Dates of Performances

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