Budulínek, Red Riding Hood, The Twelve Months, and Sleeping Beauty

Something bigger than a song, but smaller than a musical.

Operas i.e., four well-known fairytales (Budulínek, Red Riding Hood, The Twelve Months, and Sleeping Beauty) is the joint work of composer Jaroslav Uhlíř and screenwriter, playwright, actor, lyricist, and writer Zdeněk Svěrák. It was created between 2004 and 2008 and was originally part of the children’s television program Hodina zpěvu (in English: The Singing Hour). According to the authors’ own words, they “wanted to try something bigger than a song, but smaller than a musical”. This is how the musical fairytales were created, although they are primarily dedicated to children, because the lyrics and songs also fill adults with optimism, they are actually dedicated to anyone with a sense of humor.

The original actors were Zdeněk Svěrák and Jaroslav Uhlíř together with children from various children’s choirs. With the kind permission of both the authors, six actors with puppets and musical instruments represent the narrators, singers, and musicians in all the roles in the Radost Theater production. If you know (or don’t know yet) that the book editions of the authors’ works are almost exclusively accompanied by the magical illustrations of Mrs. Vlasta Baránková, then you can join us in enjoying the fact that she also collaborated on Operas at the Radost Theatre.

Information about the Performance

Age: 4+
Length of Performance: 1 hour
Premiere: 4. 3. 2022

Libretto: Zdeněk Svěrák
Music: Jaroslav Uhlíř

Director: Jiří Hajdyla
Illustrations: Vlasta Baránková
Set Design: Pavel Hubička
Dramaturgy: Eva Janěková
Musical Arrangement: Petr Šmiřák and Matěj Tauš
Stage Manager and Stage Coordinator: Jana Černá

People and Cast

Helena Dvořáková / Andrea Hodíková j.h.
Barbora Marada Nesvadbová j.h.
Michaela Krobot Rotterová / Mariana Kučíková j.h.
Pavel Riedl
Matěj Tauš
Petr Šmiřák j.h.

Technical requirements



Jaroslav Tuček: Mudrování (nejen) nad divadlem (No. 725)

Občasník Jaroslava Štěpaníka (No. 36)

Jana Soukupová (MF Dnes): Hit od Svěráka s Uhlířem

Rudo Leška (Loutkář): Hravé Operky

Dates of Performances



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