Ondráš for children: The World of Toys

Dance theatre for children on the 70th anniversary of MAE Ondráš

The little boy Rudolf finds himself in the world of toys, to which he was introduced by the doll Káťa. In this world he meets robots, a teddy bear, crayons, bees, a soldier or a horse. Gradually, however, he discovers that, like children, toys do not always behave properly. Together with Káťa, Rudolf tries to fix the toys, while realising that he himself has not always behaved in the best way. Will he learn his lesson and succeed in correcting himself?

The aim of the programme is to tell a story that is conceived in a modern and entertaining way, to highlight the child's moral, social and socialization skills.

The ONDRÁŠ Military Art Ensemble is a professional art ensemble established by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and based in Brno. Through music, singing and dancing, it presents the audience with artistically stylized folklore. It currently consists of a Folk Instrument Orchestra, a dance group and a girls' choir. In addition to working with folk material, the VUS Ondráš also overlaps into other music and dance genres and creates original programmes.

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Information about the Performance

Age: 3+
Length of the Performance45 min
Date14. 9. 2024

Story: Rudolf Danajovič
Script: Rudolf Danajovič, David Vacke
Director: David Vacke
Music: Jiří Mottl
Mix, mastering: Antonín Špaček
Costumes, props: Eliška Lupačová Ondráčková, Barbora Kuropatová
Playback/voice of Kateřina doll: Tereza Hrabalová
Choreography: Rudolf Danajovič, Lenka Fučíková, Jitka Hlaváčová, Jan Kysučan, Nelka Lazovič, Ondřej Studénka
Pedagogical cooperation: Hana Danajovičová

People and Cast

Cast: professional dance group


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