Jungle Kingdom: MOWGLI

Hunt to satisfy your hunger, but never for fun.

Welcome to the jungle kingdom of Rudyard Kipling, the first Englishman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907, among other things! You will find yourself in a fascinating world where all the animals have their place and mission in the natural system and order.

The wolves, who take in the lonely human cub Mowgli, respect the laws of nature and the pack. The wolf mother Raksha naturally accepts Mowgli among her wolf cubs, and he soon becomes their brother. But the hateful man-eating tiger Shere Khan seeks to end the boy’s life. Mowgli’s acceptance into the pack will also be significantly influenced by two characters - the bear Balu (teacher of the law of the jungle) and the panther Bagheera. Both become his educators and friends. Mowgli learns the language of animals, accepts as his motto: “You and I are of one blood” and feels part of the wolf pack. But he recognizes that it is not that simple, he also encounters a significant misunderstanding between himself and the animal community, influenced by the vengeful Shere Khan. He gradually learns that he cannot stay in the jungle forever and that he will have to try to live with humans. However, it won’t be easy for him...

The means of expression of this production permeate across genres: puppets, dance, musical, movement theater with artistic elements. The aim is to provide a dynamic and suggestive performance that will enable viewers from the age of seven to find themselves within the topic and understand the world around them.

Information about the Performance

Age: 7+
Length of Performance: 1 hour 55 minutes with an intermission
Premiere: 21. 10. 2022

Author: Rudyard Kipling - Ondřej Nosálek

Director and Script: Ondřej Nosálek
Dramaturgy: Eva Janěková
Stage Design and Costumes: Pavel Hubička
Incidental Music: Peter Strenáčik
Musical Arrangement and production: Petr Šmiřák
Lyrics: Peter Strenáčik and Ondřej Nosálek
Movement Coordination: Vojtěch Fülep and Šárka Fülep Bočková, Helena Dvořáková
Visual Coordination: Sebastian Łukaszuk

The stage music was recorded by Petra Klementová (flutes, shalmaje), Ladislav Šiška (drums, percussion), Matěj Tauš and Ondřej Strouhal (piano), Tomáš Prokop (trumpets), Petr Šmiřák (trombone, tuba), Peter Strenáčik (guitar, bass guitar, violin), Pavel Riedl (clarinet)

Thanks to Romana Stachovičová and Pavla Fendrichová for their cooperation in staging the production.

People and Cast

Mowgli: Gabriel Kulíšek
Bagheera the Panther: Vilém Čapek
Raksha the Wolf, Bat: Sabina Šlachtová
Balu the Bear, Doctor: Radim Sasínek
Girl, Monkey: Eliška Borisová / Michaela Krobot Rotterová
Monkey: Helena Dvořáková
Tabaqui the Jackal, Monkey: Hana Kučová
Wolf (Pack Leader): Pavel Riedl
Wolf, Porcupine: Václav Vítek
Wolf, Kite: Štěpán Przezwiecki
Ka the Snake: Ivana Stejskalová
Shere Khan the Tiger, Hunter: Jiří Skovajsa


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