from 0 to 3 years old

Children´s Theater: Sailing for the Rainbow

A theatrical adventure playroom for grandparents/parents with children from 0 to 3 years old.

Together with the sailors, you will board the ship and, accompanied by pleasant sounds, you will embark on a voyage full of small adventures.

“Come aboard, children, ladies, and gentlemen.
Whoever comes on board will not make a fool of themselves, but will sail like a king.
Adventure awaits us, the sun shines in the distance,
Whoever comes on board will not make a fool of themselves, lets sail for the rainbow!”

A small note for parents. During and after the performance of Sailing for the Rainbow, keep an eye on your children, no one else is responsible for them in the area of The Ship 🙂 Thank you.

For children’s performances, each participant in the performance must have a purchased ticket.
Payment of the entrance fee also applies to accompanying people (parents, grandparents, etc.).

The audience takes their shoes off for the show. It is therefore recommended to bring slippers.

Information about Performance

Age: from 0 to 3 years old
Length of performances: 50 minutes
Premiere: 17. 9. 2021

Author: Dora Bouzková, Matěj Forman, Marek Doubrava

Director: Dora Bouzková
Stage: Matěj Forman
Music: Marek Doubrava

People and Cast

Kristýna Burantová / Tereza Vávrová j.h. / Adéla Ondrušová j.h.
Agáta Stýblová j.h. / Karolína Bínová j.h. / Dominika Damborská j.h.
Julián Janoš j.h. / Matyáš Chochola j.h.


Jana Soukupová (MF Dnes): Klauniáda praštěné rodiny a milá plavba pro nejmenší


Dates of Performances


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