And Then it Happened!

A lively performance about the everyday events of today’s children, which everyone knows and has experienced many times. It is an adaptation of the themes of the book by Ester Stará titled “A pak se to stalo!” (in English: And then it happened!) made by a collective of authors. You will see something you have never seen before, but have heard of a hundred times!

What nonsense did your parents tell you when you were a child? That if you drink a lot of water, frogs will live in your stomach? That if you don’t clean your ears, then potatoes will grow out of them? And when you swallow chewing gum, then it will stick in your stomach? When you cross the line of what others think is right… then it will happen! The things that we scare children with in an attempt to raise them sometimes take on very bizarre proportions, and in our performance, this applies a hundredfold. What if it actually happened? Lice build giant palaces and pagodas in uncombed hair. A bizarre wooden plant grows from dirty ears, and what if we start thinking with our knees?

Information about the Performance

Age: 4+
Lenght of the performance: 50 minutes
Premiere: 16. 2. 2024

Director: Veronika Trokšiarová
Dramaturgy: Vendula Borůvková
Set design and puppets: Laura Černáková
Music: Matej Sloboda
Script: collective of authors

People and Cast

Eliška Borisová
Sabina Šlachtová / Barbora Marada Nesvadbová j.h.
Gabriel Kulíšek / Štěpán Przezwiecki


Jaroslav Tuček: Mudrování (nejen) nad divadlem (No. 884)


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