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7. – 15. 10. 2023

The Festival Radosti is a competition showcase of new theatre forms for children, adolescents and adult audiences, organized every two years by the Radost Theater. The festival brings to Brno a selection of exceptional, innovative and experimental performances that cross the boundaries of traditional theatre and combine theatre with other genres such as new circus, dance, visual arts, multimedia and much more.

The common denominator of the festival’s performances is the connection between seemingly inanimate matter and live acting, a distinctive artistic concept, as well as the introduction of new creative methods, experimenting with form or searching for a new dramaturgical and directional vision that reflects our present time.

The Festival Radosti is an international festival and is open to both professional and amateur theatres.

We opened the festival on October 7 at 6 PM with the premiere of The Piep Piper by Patrick Sims.

The main prize of the jury, composed of Milada Boráros, Eva Farkašová and Robert Jarosz, was acquired by the DRAK Theatre’s production The White Fang for its brilliant concept and its craftsmanship in combination with irresistible humour and lively music. Our jury also awarded the prize to Grupa Coincidentia’s production The Shoreless – Bezbrzeża for creating a bold, radical, emotionally compelling and at the same time audience-understandable theatrical experiment. The award also went to the production RoundAround from the Bratislava Puppet Theater fot its vital energy, sensitivity to the child audience, its rich imagination and the range of used forms. Finally, the award for the production Forbidden ChildrenKorczak’s Story by Teatr Lalek Banialuka should not be overlooked. The jury was won over by its dramaturgical and directional conception, impressive narration, acting and authentic treatment of the theme of the absurdity of human violence against innocent child victims.

The detailed jury verdict can be found here.



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Theatre performances

Buffalo Bill Once Upon a Time in Moravia in the Year of the Lord 1906
12+ and adults
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Children´s Theater: Sailing for the Rainbow
from 0 to 3 years old
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Forbidden Children - Korczak's story
13/10/2023 09:00 Teatr Lalek Banialuka (PL), 13+
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Growth! – Wuchs!
13th and 14th of October 2023 16:00 and 11:00 Theater der Jungen Welt, 2+
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Hansel and Gretel: Theatrical horror
horror, 7+
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J.W.Goethe The Ghost King – virtual puppets
08/10/2023 14:00 and 16:00 Puppentheater Zwickau (DE), 13+
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Little Red Riding Hood´s Grandma is Celebrating her Birthday Today!
07/10/2023 9:00 and 10:30 Naive Theatre Liberec, 5+
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09/10/2023 16:00 Zdruhestrany, 4+
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14/10/2023 14:00 Slovak "bábkové divadlo" (SK), 3+
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Shoreless – Bezbrzeża
10/10/2023 18:00 Grupa Coincidentia (PL), 13+
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15/10/2023 16:00 Figurenteater Leipzig (DE) , 14+
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The Pied Piper of Hameln
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The Whitelighter - Svetlonos
15/10/2023 11:00 Divadelní uskupení Odivo (SK), 14+
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White Fang
08/10/2023 16:00 Theatre DRAK, 9+
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The festival jury

The festival awards are a reflection of the personalities of the jury members - which is why we tried to select the jury as carefully as the programme. And to be honest - we ourselves are curious to know what will appeal and attract this jury the most. What prizes they will award, for what and to whom - because the jury has a free hand in that too. It is, in short, another live adventure that we have embarked on. And we're looking forward to the outcome!
Eva Farkašová
Slovakian illustrator, costume designer and scenographer. Her artistic work focuses on theatre and television scenography, with puppet theatre having a large part in it. She studied scenography at the Puppetry Department of the Prague DAMU, her first engagement was the State Puppet Theatre in Bratislava. As for today, she has produced hundreds of productions for television and theatres all around the world, as well as dozens of successful exhibitions at home and abroad. She is also a pedagogue - she teaches at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.
Milada Boráros
Independent author, dramaturg, director and occasional scenographer of puppet productions. She graduated in drama studies at the Department of Educational Drama at the Prague DAMU, and during her studies she worked as a visual artist, puppeteer and lecturer with the puppet theatre KARROMATO and the association ROZTOČ. She lives and works in Hungary, where she founded the independent creative workshop Magamura (Magamura Alkotóműhely) with her husband, the scenographer Szilárd Boráros.
Robert Jarosz
Polish theatre director, playwright and pedagogue. He studied directing at the Department of Puppetry Arts at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw. He is considered one of the most interesting Polish playwrights of his generation, as evidenced by the many awards his work has collected. Among other things, he is a multiple winner of the game contest organised by the Children's Art Centre in Poznań. Performances based on his texts have been staged at prestigious theatre festivals. His texts have been read at prestigious theatre festivals in Gdynia and Warsaw.

Literary contest

Can we find plays for children and adolescents?
The first year of the original drama contest was launched to encourage creators who want to work in children's theatre. We announced the terms last September and by the closing date in mid-March we had 25 texts submitted. These then came into the clutches of the competition jury. The jury consisted of Miloslav Klíma, a dramaturge, university professor and former dean of the DAMU, Zoja Mikotová, a director and pedagogue at the Theatre Faculty of JAMU, Dora Bouzková, a puppeteer, actress and lecturer, and Pavla Nejedlá, a translator and editor of children's literature at the Host publishing house. If the jury finds a text that is so exceptional and interesting that it deserves the first prize, the winner will be rewarded with 30,000 CZK and may appear on the stage of Theatre Radost. The verdict will be given on Thursday October 12 at the Evening of Stage Reading prepared from the contest texts or excerpts from them. Students from Michal Zetel's studio at the Theatre Faculty of JAMU will be directing. Although we did not announce the absolute winner of the literary and dramatic contest, the audience had the opportunity to see fragments from 2 entered texts: Dumb Piffle by Kristýna Petišková and The Tale of Water by Magdaléna Bartoňová.
More information about the contest can be found here.

Jury of the literary contest

The festival awards are a reflection of the personalities of the jury members - which is why we tried to select the jury as carefully as the programme. And to be honest - we ourselves are curious to know what will appeal and attract this jury the most. What prizes they will award, for what and to whom - because the jury has a free hand in that too. It is, in short, another live adventure that we have embarked on. And we're looking forward to the outcome!
Miloslav Klíma
Dramaturge, university professor, for many years vice-rector of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts, one of the most important personalities of Czech theatre dramaturgy, which he devoted himself to at theatres across the country. In the 1990s, he was the Dean of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, where he still teaches today. He shaped a new, comprehensively conceived form of dramaturgy, and significantly influenced a number of students, later prominent creators of puppet and alternative theatre. In the 1980s, when he worked at the DRAK Theatre in Hradec Králové, his collaboration with Josef Krofta produced several legendary and internationally successful projects that appealed to both young and adult audiences and were among the most significant theatrical achievements of their time.
Zoja Mikotová
Director and university pedagogue. She studied drama direction at the JAMU in Brno, and for ten years she was a director and choreographer at the Radost Puppet Theatre. In 1992, she founded the studio of Educational Dramatics for the Deaf at the Theatre Faculty of JAMU, and has been working on the topic of theatre for the deaf ever since. She has staged hundreds of productions all over the world, lectures at conferences, leads creative workshops, teaches deaf students at DIFA JAMU and supervises PhD students.
Dora Bouzková
Puppeteer, actress, performer and lecturer. A graduate of the Music and Drama Department of the Prague Conservatory and the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of the DAMU. During her studies in 2001 she founded an independent professional theatre group Puppets without Borders. Within this group she prepares productions together with other artists and organizes intergenerational art and theatre workshops.
Pavla Nejedlá
Editor of children's and youth literature at the Brno publishing house Host, translator from Norwegian. She studied Bohemian and Norwegian Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague and Norwegian literature and language in Bergen and Tromsø. She has been involved in literary translation since she was a student and has over twenty titles to her credit, including Hanne Ørstavik's book The Pastor, Linn Ullmann's novel The Restless, Kari Staiová's children's book Jonah and NotOurs, and the work of the successful Swedish picture book author Emma AdBåge - Dolek. What she enjoys most about her work as a literary editor is connecting literature with the visual and dramatic arts, exploring new artistic styles and breaking down stereotypes.

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